In a Strange Land

In a Strange Land

Both of my parents were immigrants to Canada. One was from Ireland, the other was born in Scotland. My mother’s family before their disembarkation attended a church service for the prospective immigrants. During that service the above message was given. Over the past year or so it seems like we are all living in a strange land. I hope you can find prosperity, and more importantly peace as you navigate your own strange land.

It all starts with a mess

Demolition Day

On February first we started a renovation at our house. It began with a demolition of our present kitchen/dining area. Like almost all creative endeavours it began with a mess. It takes a great deal of effort to envision how this present chaos will be transformed a comfortable living space. Experience however tells me that time, effort, sweat, and creativity will win out (fingers crossed).

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ready to Rock 10″x14″ watercolour

Skate 10″x14″ watercolour

Gallery 78 in Fredericton New Brunswick has an annual show for the season called Christmas Choice. The paintings above are my contribution to the show for this year. For many, Christmas is a treasure trove of memories, and these images remind me of some special ones. I hope the Ghosts of Christmas’s Past are kind to you this season, if they’re not please be kind to yourself.