River Walk

River Walk watercolour Andrew Henderson
River Walk 12″x18″ watercolour

Many of us are drawn to the water’s edge. We long for rivers, lakes, streams, and the ocean as we seek a place to refresh our souls. On a still day, the water’s calm offers up near mirror-like reflections. The brilliant sunshine on your favorite stretch of water reveals billions of shining diamonds. I hope everyone is safe and hopefully soon we’ll all be able to make it to the water’s edge.

Preserved Skates

Preserved Skates watercolour Andrew Henderson
Preserved Skates 18″x12″ watercolour

Growing up in Canada learning to skate is a national requirement. I have early memories of making my way to an outdoor pond and putting on a pair of too large skates (familial hand me downs), tentatively pushing around a wooden chair on the slick frozen surface and in the end doing my best Bambi on ice impression. My skating has improved over the years, but not too much.  Today’s post is one of my “Preserves” in it I have preserved a pair of the ubiquitous footwear of my homeland.