Could have been a Paperback Writer?

Could have been a Paperback Writer? watercolour 12″x18″

Today’s watercolour” Could have been a Paperback Writer?” shows an old manual typewriter. Technology moves at a dizzying pace and machines like these have become archeological curiosities. It is true there was something powerful about them, and that with this machine, a piece of paper, and an idea, you could change the world: or at least be a paperback writer.

Basin Head June

Basin Head June watercolour 12″x18″

In Eastern PEI there is a gem. That gem is the beach at Basin Head.  You can walk for a good spell on these “singing sands” (the sand squeaks or sings as you walk on it). In July the beach will be full of relaxing locals and tourists.  In early June however you can go there and almost have the place to yourself.