My Cafe Terrace at Night

Van Gogh Marker set Andrew Henderson

This is not my first go round with social isolation. When I was 13 I struggled through a bout of Rheumatic Fever. I was in the hospital for two months after which I was confined to our house for an additional two months. It was during this pre-internet era that I was forced to find a way to pass time when I couldn’t go outside. My mom bought me a fantastic set of markers, and they came in a tin case decorated with Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night”. It was my first introduction to Fine Art. I loved those markers and I kept the tin long after the markers had run dry. Many springs have passed since that time, but it was there that the seeds were sown for a lifetime love of image-making.

Preserved Skates

Preserved Skates watercolour Andrew Henderson
Preserved Skates 18″x12″ watercolour

Growing up in Canada learning to skate is a national requirement. I have early memories of making my way to an outdoor pond and putting on a pair of too large skates (familial hand me downs), tentatively pushing around a wooden chair on the slick frozen surface and in the end doing my best Bambi on ice impression. My skating has improved over the years, but not too much.  Today’s post is one of my “Preserves” in it I have preserved a pair of the ubiquitous footwear of my homeland.

Preserved Peace Tower

Preserved Peace Tower Andrew Henderson
Preserved Peace Tower 18:x12″ watercolour

Since I started this blog I’ve attempted to post something every day. It was an opportunity to not only present new work, but to shake the dust off of older work and let it see the light of day. As we begin 2020 I am going to put the older work back on the shelf for the time being, and just present newer projects. Today’s post is the newly finished version of “Preserved Peace Tower”.