Tapestry acrylic Andrew Henderson
Tapestry 24″x36″ acrylic

Today’s post is the finished version of “Tapestry”. The two panels are joined together to form the final image. The ornate decorations and the machined functionality continue to call. I am looking forward to revisiting this combo in future pieces.

Phoebe’s Singer

Phoebe's Singer 24x36 acrylic Andrew Henderson
Phoebe’s Singer 24″x36″ acrylic

Today’s post is the finished version of “Phoebe’s Singer”. I’ve always loved the combination of the mechanical and the ornate that flows through the design of these sewing machines. This one held a place of honor in our family’s farmhouse kitchen. It was used to create or mend, and the rocking of its pedal provided much amusement for many a youngster (me included).

My Cafe Terrace at Night

Van Gogh Marker set Andrew Henderson

This is not my first go round with social isolation. When I was 13 I struggled through a bout of Rheumatic Fever. I was in the hospital for two months after which I was confined to our house for an additional two months. It was during this pre-internet era that I was forced to find a way to pass time when I couldn’t go outside. My mom bought me a fantastic set of markers, and they came in a tin case decorated with Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night”. It was my first introduction to Fine Art. I loved those markers and I kept the tin long after the markers had run dry. Many springs have passed since that time, but it was there that the seeds were sown for a lifetime love of image-making.