Pentimento – Throwback Thursday

Pentimento 32″x30″ acrylic

Today’s painting Pentimento is from several years ago.  A pentimento is when a painting has been changed, and you can see parts of the previous work. It often shows that the artist has changed his or her mind about the composition as they worked on the painting.  In my case I wanted to layer several aspects of my grandmother’s life into one picture. Included in the piece is an image from a studio photo done in Ireland. There is also a boat to represent the one she immigrated to Canada on. Another layer shows an image of a goat to represent the one she had an unfortunate encounter with when she was in her eighties (that led to a broken hip). Finally there is a layer with some flowers to represent her beauty.

Preserved La Gioconda

Preserved La Gioconda 24″x18″ Acrylic

She is the cool girl, the one everyone wants to hang out with and get their picture taken alongside. At least that’s the way it seems whenever you visit the Louvre.  In the midst of one of the largest treasure troves of art in the world, hordes of people cram around this singular image. Today’s painting, Preserved La Gioconda pays homage to the “It girl” from 1503.


My Favorite Legionnaire

John Henderson watercolour 12″x18″

Today’s watercolour is a painting of my favorite Legionnaire.  It’s a painting of my father, John Henderson.  He was a kind-hearted Scot who immigrated to Canada when he was young. He was a soccer player, a coal miner, a farmer, a custodian, an entrepreneur, a carver, a lover of Robbie Burns, but most of all to me, he was my dad. I sure do miss him. If he’s still around give your father a hug… “Happy Father’s Day!”