Queen Victoria in N.B.

Queen Victoria in N.B.
Queen Victoria in N.B. photo

You never know where she is going to show up. My daily travels used to take me through rural New Brunswick. One of those routes would take me by this mid-20th century sanatorium. There In front of the building in glowing marble stood Queen Victoria (She sort of seemed out-of-place). All around were woods for miles and miles, but there she stood overseeing a small portion of her vast empire. Today is Victoria Day in Canada. Keep your eyes open, her empire was vast and her reign was long and you never know where she might pop up.

Happy Victoria Day!


Under Glass

Under Glass Show 4
Under Glass – The Show

Thanks to everyone at Gallery 78. They did a terrific job at hanging the show and have been so encouraging. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the opening on Friday night. It was great to meet so many people, and have them share their enthusiasm about art. If you didn’t get out to the opening, and you want to see the work the show is up until April 15th.