Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue etching Andrew Henderson
Out of the Blue etching

There is much beauty in the world around us. Today’s image is based on that point of view.  The central image in “Out of the Blue” is a sea shell. The shell has been broken by the surf, and the passage of time. That brokenness allows us to see inside, and reveals how deep beauty can reside in things that we cast off as common.


Tongues of Fire

Tongues of Fire etching Andrew Henderson
Tongues of Fire etching

Along the Saint John River there was a little white church that had been a milestone on family trips. It provided a sign that we would soon be home. One day when I driving by the church, I noticed that it had suffered through a fire. I pulled over and took a few pictures. One of those photos became the basis for today’s image, “Tongues of Fire”.