Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night 24″x18″ acrylic

Maybe the painting should be sub-titled “Just another Ship in A Bottle”.

The ship enclosed in this mason jar however is an image of The Melita. It was the passenger ship that carried a young Phoebe Connor, her parents, brothers, and sister to Canada as they immigrated in 1920’s. The aforementioned Phoebe was my mom, so the Melita at least to me will never be just another ship.



From the mosaics found in Pompeii, to the coloured glass of medieval cathedrals, to the dots of Georges Seurat, the Ben-Day dots of comics, and now with the dominance of the pixel, images have long been constructed out of pure blocks of colour. Today’s painting “Infinity” follows this methodology and hopefully gives a bit of respite in these trying times.