Preserved La Gioconda

Preserved La Gioconda 24″x18″ Acrylic

She is the cool girl, the one everyone wants to hang out with and get their picture taken alongside. At least that’s the way it seems whenever you visit the Louvre.  In the midst of one of the largest treasure troves of art in the world, hordes of people cram around this singular image. Today’s painting, Preserved La Gioconda pays homage to the “It girl” from 1503.


Flowers in a Crystal Bowl – Throwback Thursday

Flowers in a Crystal Bowl acrylic 16″x20″

Today’s painting is a painting of my daughter’s baby shoes.  The painting is over a few years old, and my daughter has long since outgrown this particular pair of footwear. Edouard Manet did a painting called Flowers in a Crystal Vase, and this is kind of my version of that theme.  Manet’s version was of real flowers, and I presume real crystal, mine not as much.