3 thoughts on “Archaeology in a Jar

    1. Thanks Chris. It’s very easy to overwork watercolours. Brightness comes from allowing the paper to shine through the layer of transparent colour. Using a good quality watercolour paper makes the job easier. When painting larger areas make sure you have a large enough puddle of colour mixed, so you won’t have to slow down and try to mix more colour. Watercolour is a medium where you often have to hurry up and wait. You need to work quickly to put in a wash, then you often have to wait for areas to be completely dry before you can continue, It is both a joy and a frustration at times, like much of life.
      All the best, Andrew.


      1. Thanks heaps, Andrew.

        Yes, I definitely need to mix more colour for larger areas.

        I’m also a bit impatient and don’t always let a given wash dry fully. Then the colours bleed together and I lose my sharp edges.

        Very frustrating, indeed! 😆

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