Instant Classic ?

Well Preserved

Maybe not a classic… but it is a book. I’ve collected a bunch of images of my paintings honouring the humble mason jar and its ability to preserve things we value. Then I encased them between some mighty fine pieces of cardboard along with a dollop of written commentary. If you’re interested you can find the book at .

4 thoughts on “Instant Classic ?

  1. Congratulations, Andrew! I love that series. I always thought it would make a great exhibition, but given I’m not in Canada, a book is a good option for me. It’s on my shopping list for when I’ve got a spare bit of cash. Hopefully this month.

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  2. Good for you – creating a blurb book is something I am always meaning to do and never get around to. I like your musings that accompany each painting, they add a lot. But of course, the paintings can stand on their own. It must feel good to have completed this.

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