My Cafe Terrace at Night

Van Gogh Marker set Andrew Henderson

This is not my first go round with social isolation. When I was 13 I struggled through a bout of Rheumatic Fever. I was in the hospital for two months after which I was confined to our house for an additional two months. It was during this pre-internet era that I was forced to find a way to pass time when I couldn’t go outside. My mom bought me a fantastic set of markers, and they came in a tin case decorated with Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night”. It was my first introduction to Fine Art. I loved those markers and I kept the tin long after the markers had run dry. Many springs have passed since that time, but it was there that the seeds were sown for a lifetime love of image-making.

4 thoughts on “My Cafe Terrace at Night

  1. Your story shows that good can come out of bad situations. May we be so lucky after C-19 and recent sad news in Canada.


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