#1 = Cadmium Red – Throwback Thursday

#1= Cadmium Red
#1 = Cadmium Red

Today’s Throwback Thursday is circa 1971. I had been quite ill, bedridden for several months. My parents knew I loved art, so they bought me a paint-by-numbers set to help me pass the time. It consisted of a number of plastic containers of various hues, a rather wonky brush, and two pieces of cardboard printed with enumerated topographical outlines of clowns. I know that clowns have become symbols of fear for some; however for me in 1971, this painting began a link in the chain of creating that I’m still working on today.

2 thoughts on “#1 = Cadmium Red – Throwback Thursday

  1. I remember when you were ill, but didn’t know this story. It’s wonderful how often good comes from what seems very dark at the time. Your art brings joy to many!

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