Can stretching canvas really be that hard?

After painting all those watercolors in the shape of arches I thought I’d like to try to do one on canvas.

Arch & Canvas

There was only one problem. I’d never tried to stretch anything but a rectangular canvas before. Armed with my trusty staple gun and the hope that can only exist in ignorance, I engaged the stretcher.

Arch & Canvas 2

After multiple failed attempts I began to get the hang of it . The canvas molded to the stretcher and my long dormant carpentry skills began to rise ( not really but the canvas was looking better).

Arch & Canvas 3

Finally the canvas was stretched. Now I need to trim the excess canvas off the back and it’ll be ready to prime with a little Gesso.

Arch & Canvas 4

I’ve finished the first coat of Gesso. I’ll probably give it a couple of more coats before the canvas is ready to paint on.

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